Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Club Manila East Adventure

Last Friday, our whole team went out for our team building. Yep you read it right, it was a FRIDAY. Imagine that instead of working 8 hours in the office we were treated a day off to swim, chat, play and eat.

The trip to CME took only less than an hour. We rented two cabanas for the team for only Php 2500 this is good for 5 pax. You would need to pay additional per head.

The place is clean; in fact so clean I drank a lot of water from the pool. Not on purpose of course, it was because of the Big Waves wooohooo. This is the first time I've encountered waves in the pool and it is all worth it. We enjoyed being slammed by the wave, especially when we were trying to reach the walls around 10 feet high like doing a slam-dunk.

You can also try their surfing lessons, quite expensive though that’s Php 1500 for 2 hours of lessons. My son would have loved it there too bad I did not bring them along I was worried he might get sick.

CME also has this high walls for diving, I would have loved to jump only that the water from the jumping areas is 14 feet yaiks, better sure than sorry I jumped only on the kiddie pool hahaha.

Hey, I almost forgot to mention the kid side in me and my teammates have never left as we went on to slide on their 3-loop slide. It was fun but the rush in sliding is not really that exhilarating I wish I could try a 60-degree free fall slide if there is any.

Here are some photos of the place. This is the way to the big waves where you can surf. On the left side you'll see the stable haha not for the horse its like a prison cell for people to secure their things ;)


A picture of a bridge, they seem to be fixing and still improving the facilities so we were not able to try swimming underneath this bridge.


Here are some shots of the pool and slide, on this side you could also kayak for free just go there early to avoid the long line.





I'm not quite sure I liked the weather during that day, as it was all so sunny, compared to some rains here in Manila. It would have been nicer if there were some rain while swimming.

For this final photo I got the concept from a friend where you take a static background and pose as many times and combine it in photoshop just avoid overlapping for easier cutting of the images.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spiders, Bees, Flowers and more

When we were in Lao-ang we visited a place called Muntay. The place is filled with BUKO trees, we were deligthed to drink fresh buko juice.


While drinking juice we were also greeted by mosquitos and bees. Here is a shot of a spider feeding bees for miryenda.


And a hive of bees on a tree branch.


I was also able to try out a macro shot of this tiny flower.


And on our way home just took a shot of this barbershop sign



We visited this beach twice imagine that?, since it is just a tricycle away from our place in Lao-ang.



Harvey enjoyed a lot and did not even mind the heat of the sun. So we did turn out like toast. Here is a pic of Harvey's toy boat.


And a pic of a tricycle in Laoang, I believe every province has there own style of tricycles in the Philippines.


And one of those lucky shots, I was able to shoot a rain drop woohoo, I have to post this ultra large hehe so you can see the droplet clearly.


Lao-ang Northern Samar Scenery

Its been a long and HAPPY Holy Week for me and my family. We got to go home to my wife's home town Lao-ang Northern Samar. The trip was so worth it as we were able to visit our family and at the same time have our Harvey enjoy the beach there.

During late afternoon I was able to shoot some of these shots and with the help of Lightroom was able to give some drama to it, here it is hope you like it.


I specially like this one with a fisherman on the right side.


I'll post more pics on my next post.