Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

What's new? It has been a while again since I last updated my blog. After almost 3 months here I finally landed my first job and boy was the job market really tough. With a lot of prayers from my family, friends and myself I finally was able to find a job that fits my experience.

So much for my job hunting experience :). I posted today to show you some of my shots of the Opera house and Harbour bridge. If you plan of visiting Sydney these two are one of the must sees. It's easy to go to accessible by Bus, Train, Feiry and Taxis you just drop by Circular Quay and you'll be able to walk around the Opera House and see Harbour bridge from a nice angle.

You might want to visit the inside of the Opera House as I've heard it has a great view from inside as well. Never got the time to see it though. Here is my take.

A little view from the top :)

From the ground.

And on the sea.

As we were on the way home, I saw this bridal car and as usual took a picture of it so I could share it to you guys. Here is the short version.

And the long version.

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