Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Glimpse of Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

Yesterday, I got a chance to go to Manila American Cemetery and Memorial, the place was so nice and clean. I just had to shoot like crazy, I was in cloud nine because of the nice views all around.

Here is my take on the place. I plan to go back one of these days, because I only had less than 30 mins to shoot pictures. The place strictly closes at 5pm, for more info of the place click this link.

I highly recommend to come visit the place, for those interested in travelling and taking photos this is a great place to go. Ow did I mention the entrance is FREE.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just playing around ....

Today, I was a little stressed with work. So, I decided to take a breather and take some photos of some of the things I have on my desk.

In this photo, I set my focus on the motorcycle to blur out the rest on its back.

For this one, I focused my depth of field on the car, see the blur on the motorcycle and the background?

Try this link to learn more on depth of field. I may have not shown a good example, but I hope I was able to do the trick.

Here are some more shots I took...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My MOA Valentine

These photos were taken last saturday, yup Valentines day. We were about to go home, when I noticed that the parking area was a good place to shoot. Although I had a difficult time because of low lighting that is why the images are a little harsh, but it somehow fit the editing I've done using Lightroom.

Hope you like it :)

Color of ME life

I'm a little disappointed of the results of these pictures, I still don't get the right settings to use when taking pictures like these. Anyway, here are some Macro shots of our colored pencils.

I took a lot of pics, and was only able to come up with 2 clear ones :( .

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Harvey was at it again.

Here is a photo I took of Harvey while I was shooting last night; I liked the whole facial expression. The only thing I didn't like about this photo is the background hehe, I did'nt clean up its that obvious hehe. Hope you like it.

Sony Erickson - W760i

Last night was different, I was not the LAZY me so I stood up and grabbed my camera and started shooting again. I figured I should stop and make photography not just a fad but a hobby. This time I'll make sure I'll start learning again. I put my aim on my Sony Erickson W760i and here is what I came up with. Some macro shots I took with the help of a little ligthing from our lamp. I'm not sure if the lighting and settings is right though hehe, but I think I did fine from my low standards hehehe.

Here is a shot of the 3.2 Megapixel Camera, though the high MP does not include any auto focus compared to the cameras of the K7++ series, this camera can do the work. Also, I did'nt quite liked the color (GOLD yaiks) do you? hehe

A little shot of the Sony Erickson logo.

Did I mention this is a walkman phone? Yup, you can listen to your MP3s with High quality sound and the unit also includes an awesome Sony earphones. This phone is also equipped with the Radio function so you can listen to your favorite radio station mine is RX93.1 specifically the "Morning Rush" by Chico and DelaMar.

A little picture of the back Walkman logo.

And a view of the keypad.

This phone comes in three colors, Red, Silver and Grey. As a rating from 1 to 10 for the phone I give it an 8, hey my standards are low hehehe. The important thing is I can call and text, ooops did I mention that this phone is equipped with the latest comms technology its using HSPDA .
Hope you liked the photos, sorry if some might be out of focus or blur I'm not using any macro lens I'm just using extension tubes for my lens to have the macro effect.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kings of the road…

Hey hey I’m back, it’s been quite some time before I had the time and guts to update my blog. But, hey I’m back and I am ready to start blogging again. This could be the first time that I’ll be blogging with much less pictures or none compared to my previous blogs. I just want to let it out people hehehe.

My topic for today is about the KINGS of the road here in the Philippines. Are we on the same wavelength? Are you thinking what I am thinking? In here the KINGS are non other than the jeepney, taxi and bus drivers. Yep, read up people cause here is my share of rants on this KINGS of the ROAD.

Numero uno, don’t you just love it when Busses swerve from the public lane to the private lane? Last month, we just heard from the news of an actor beating up the poor BUS driver. Poor driver, why does he have to suffer such greivance? Well my take is the BUS driver must have deserved it, probably he just swerved away from left to right or which ever way he wanted because hey he might be thinking I’m driving a big BUS bump me and who ends up wrecked.

Numero dos, we all are born competitive. I confess I myself don’t like to be overtaken by any of these KINGS of the road. Ever experienced jeepneys swimming through traffic like lint, yep they are that good no doubt about it. But, after squeaking through that tiny hole they suddenly STOP, wow isn’t that amusing he decided to pick up people right in the middle of the street. Why bother overtaking if you would stop anyway and block the road, BEEEEEEEEP2X and probably more BEEP hehehe, move out of the way!!!!!

Numero tres, drivers should think of SAFETY first, especially if you are a professional driver your passengers safety is the utmost priority. But, damn these drivers I don’t think they are THINKING of safety in fact I don’t think they do think at all hahaha. Imagine yourself riding a 20 to 30 years old jeep you can even see some rust already have eaten up at least ¼ of the whole body, and damn the driver drives like crazy taking up 60 to 80kph. Do you even have brake people, ow yeah sorry you do have breaks double pump it or may be just tripple pump that break just to be sure. Best thing you passengers could do is hold on tight enjoy the ride, its just like the roller coaster anyway.


That would probably be it for now as I’m starting to have a headache thinking on how to out wit these KINGS of the ROAD.