Friday, December 11, 2009

Harbour Bridge in B&W

My family decided to go around the city once again this time to enjoy the views. I was able to capture Harbour Bridge in different angles and turned them into Black and White. Here is my take hope you like it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sydney @ Night

Last Friday Night I was invited to shoot the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The experience was really great, the weather as usual was cold brrrr. Shooting at night requires you to shoot with long shutter speed to have great effects on the light. Good thing my new found friends lent me their tripod. Here are some of the pictures I got, I'm not sure if the pixels are really the effect of long exposure but this is the first time I'm posting pics I did not edit using lightroom. Hope you still like it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sydney Olympic Park

As you might already know Australia has a lot of parks for the family. This is one great thing about this country, you'll see parks left and right where you could share the whole morning and afternoon with family and friends. Last Sunday, Nat, Cherrie, Maku and I got to visit Wentworth Common. A park near the Sydney Olympic Park, yup this was where the Olympics was held way back .... man don't expect me to know hehehe.

Anyway, we weren't able to tour the Olympic park itself. But, here is a view of the Wentworth Community center.

Kids, get to play on the sand.

Some swing action.

And a wide open space of green.

Here are some photos I took.

As usual I found the kid in me in this park, I really enjoyed playing here and got real tired so I decided to rest ahh. Thanks to Nat for taking this photo.

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

What's new? It has been a while again since I last updated my blog. After almost 3 months here I finally landed my first job and boy was the job market really tough. With a lot of prayers from my family, friends and myself I finally was able to find a job that fits my experience.

So much for my job hunting experience :). I posted today to show you some of my shots of the Opera house and Harbour bridge. If you plan of visiting Sydney these two are one of the must sees. It's easy to go to accessible by Bus, Train, Feiry and Taxis you just drop by Circular Quay and you'll be able to walk around the Opera House and see Harbour bridge from a nice angle.

You might want to visit the inside of the Opera House as I've heard it has a great view from inside as well. Never got the time to see it though. Here is my take.

A little view from the top :)

From the ground.

And on the sea.

As we were on the way home, I saw this bridal car and as usual took a picture of it so I could share it to you guys. Here is the short version.

And the long version.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hillsong Church

Last weekend, I got to go to a dedication party for Baby Matthew. We went to Hillsong Church in Windsor hope I got it right :).

The place and the people are so friendly and the way they celebrate is totally fun. The place is so huge like a theater and the people are so nice they are so accommodating.

I wish someday I could bring Cookie and Harvey there. I just got to shot only a few pics here they are.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Darling Harbour - Sydney

Wow finally after a week here in Sydney, I got to visit the city. Thanks to Jon and Janice for the tour. I started my journey from the Hornsby train station to Wollstonecraft Station where Jon picked me up.

After dropping by their house we went to Sydney CBD, and then walked our way around to the Market City, Darling Harbour and our last stop QVB (Queen Victoria Building). Touring the city is quite a walk; after a week stay at home I guess my feet were new again to walking long distances.

I tried walking from Net Square Taguig to our House in Pasay after office; the walk has ok but the pollution no way. That is why it’s just a one time deal.

Anyway, back to the story line. Darling harbour had lots of ships from sails, to sub and even old ships you'll see it in the slide below. They also have a lot of tourists because this is one of the tourist stops.

We ate at Market City; this is like our Tutuban Center or Greenhills. There are lots of cheap souvenir items, winter clothes, shades and so on. I got to comeback here sometime hehehe. I can't wait to bring Cookie and Harvey to this place.

Now, in QVB the architecture design is really old and very well maintained. They have Italian shops inside and if I may say the high end shops you get to see in G5.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A visit to Crosslands Reserve

Today we went to one of the nearby parks here in Hornsby. I'm not sure what the park is named at but the signage says "Crosslands Reserve". Here in Australia every suburb has their own parks where families get to play around and eat Barbie (Oz slang for BBQ).

You'll need to travel at least 2.5km from the gate to reach this beautiful playground.

Here are some of my shots on the place.

As you can see from the slide, the place is full of trees and fresh air indeed. You also get to grill your Barbie for free with the utilities like benches, electric grill, toilet and water. See for yourself.

All you need to bring now is your food, wow Nat prepared yummy burger patties. We enjoyed it a lot see some of the pics below, I'm pretty sure you would.

Australia really tries to preserve wild life, in the park you get to see these birds and ducks.

I just can't wait for my beloved wife and son to join me here and play on this park.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nice Bird You Got There

I was trying to get some sun outside the terrace to ease the cold a little bit. Then I saw this bird feeding on the tree leaves. Amazing huh, yep here in Australia the birds are a little different and free compared to us there in the Philippines. In the Philippines we only have the maya bird and pigeon. In Australia they, have different kinds of birds flying around the neighborhood. In the Philippines you could only see this kind of bird in the cage, poor little birdie. Oh, I almost forgot you’re not allowed to feed them here. At night they fly in groups, so watch out for that falling poop hehehe. Here is my take.

Here is another one from the ground, I could'nt get the shot of it facing me too bad.


After a few days here in Australia I was only able to look around the nearby mall Westfield and some streets here in Hornsby. Man the weather is too damn cold I would rather stay inside the house. Anyways, here are some pics which I'm not really that proud off I took them so quickly I was not able to make some adjustments.