Monday, August 24, 2009

Sydney @ Night

Last Friday Night I was invited to shoot the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The experience was really great, the weather as usual was cold brrrr. Shooting at night requires you to shoot with long shutter speed to have great effects on the light. Good thing my new found friends lent me their tripod. Here are some of the pictures I got, I'm not sure if the pixels are really the effect of long exposure but this is the first time I'm posting pics I did not edit using lightroom. Hope you still like it.


kristina said... beautifulplace it is..i saw the sydney in my dreams but now it comes true by seeing these pics..

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Henry II said...

thanks for visiting :)

nortehanon said...

Nice shots!
A newbie hobbyist photographer here, still saving for a decent tripod and an efficient flash ;)

The Fort Blogger said...

Bro, nice shots. what you did on the bridge? how it turned out in two different colors?

Nice to see you blogging again.