Monday, February 2, 2009

Kings of the road…

Hey hey I’m back, it’s been quite some time before I had the time and guts to update my blog. But, hey I’m back and I am ready to start blogging again. This could be the first time that I’ll be blogging with much less pictures or none compared to my previous blogs. I just want to let it out people hehehe.

My topic for today is about the KINGS of the road here in the Philippines. Are we on the same wavelength? Are you thinking what I am thinking? In here the KINGS are non other than the jeepney, taxi and bus drivers. Yep, read up people cause here is my share of rants on this KINGS of the ROAD.

Numero uno, don’t you just love it when Busses swerve from the public lane to the private lane? Last month, we just heard from the news of an actor beating up the poor BUS driver. Poor driver, why does he have to suffer such greivance? Well my take is the BUS driver must have deserved it, probably he just swerved away from left to right or which ever way he wanted because hey he might be thinking I’m driving a big BUS bump me and who ends up wrecked.

Numero dos, we all are born competitive. I confess I myself don’t like to be overtaken by any of these KINGS of the road. Ever experienced jeepneys swimming through traffic like lint, yep they are that good no doubt about it. But, after squeaking through that tiny hole they suddenly STOP, wow isn’t that amusing he decided to pick up people right in the middle of the street. Why bother overtaking if you would stop anyway and block the road, BEEEEEEEEP2X and probably more BEEP hehehe, move out of the way!!!!!

Numero tres, drivers should think of SAFETY first, especially if you are a professional driver your passengers safety is the utmost priority. But, damn these drivers I don’t think they are THINKING of safety in fact I don’t think they do think at all hahaha. Imagine yourself riding a 20 to 30 years old jeep you can even see some rust already have eaten up at least ¼ of the whole body, and damn the driver drives like crazy taking up 60 to 80kph. Do you even have brake people, ow yeah sorry you do have breaks double pump it or may be just tripple pump that break just to be sure. Best thing you passengers could do is hold on tight enjoy the ride, its just like the roller coaster anyway.


That would probably be it for now as I’m starting to have a headache thinking on how to out wit these KINGS of the ROAD.

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