Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sony Erickson - W760i

Last night was different, I was not the LAZY me so I stood up and grabbed my camera and started shooting again. I figured I should stop and make photography not just a fad but a hobby. This time I'll make sure I'll start learning again. I put my aim on my Sony Erickson W760i and here is what I came up with. Some macro shots I took with the help of a little ligthing from our lamp. I'm not sure if the lighting and settings is right though hehe, but I think I did fine from my low standards hehehe.

Here is a shot of the 3.2 Megapixel Camera, though the high MP does not include any auto focus compared to the cameras of the K7++ series, this camera can do the work. Also, I did'nt quite liked the color (GOLD yaiks) do you? hehe

A little shot of the Sony Erickson logo.

Did I mention this is a walkman phone? Yup, you can listen to your MP3s with High quality sound and the unit also includes an awesome Sony earphones. This phone is also equipped with the Radio function so you can listen to your favorite radio station mine is RX93.1 specifically the "Morning Rush" by Chico and DelaMar.

A little picture of the back Walkman logo.

And a view of the keypad.

This phone comes in three colors, Red, Silver and Grey. As a rating from 1 to 10 for the phone I give it an 8, hey my standards are low hehehe. The important thing is I can call and text, ooops did I mention that this phone is equipped with the latest comms technology its using HSPDA .
Hope you liked the photos, sorry if some might be out of focus or blur I'm not using any macro lens I'm just using extension tubes for my lens to have the macro effect.

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