Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Crocs adventure at the MegaTent

Whew!!!! I can't believe we made it, hehehe. Cookie read a blog from her friend BJAY about this MEGA CROCS sale upto 80% off at the MegaTent in Meralco Ave. Pasig City. I am person who doesn't really like crowds and I don't like traffic at all. My way to overcome all these is to set my expectations as early as possible, considering this is the last day of the sale. Just before going I already set my mind that we will go through a lot of traffic, we will go through miles and miles of lines before I can achieve my ultimate goal. That is owning my very first CROCS, I had to admit CROCS is quite expensive that is why this sale is worth all the drips and drips of salty waters leaving my body hahaha.

As expected, just in time upon arriving at the venue we were stuck in traffic. Geez, cars are not giving way so I suggested my family to go down while I park away from the venue. At last, I was able to park at the Exchange St., quite a walk to MegaTent. And just before arriving at the place rain started to pour, I could just imagine the situation of my family without any umbrella. Good thing, they were able to stay at a covered place. Now, comes the second part of the challenge the long line right before you could even reach the entrance of the tent. After, a barbeque and a soda and change in weather from rain to sunny. We were able to get in wooohooo. I immediately grabbed a plastic bag which is used to store everything your planning to buy just before lining in again to pay in the cashier.

We were grabbing CROCS left and right. The strategy (wooohooo finally was able to use this word) there was to get as much CROCS with your size as possible and when your done go to a corner and its time to fit, hehehe. After fitting and choosing the right pair its time for the 3rd challenge which is the snake like line to the cashier.

The line was sooooo looooong and with the air-condition not really working that much, you feel like you are in a desert. I started to feel dizzy, and I asked for water. Cookie was trying to give me Harvey's feeding bottle to just give it a sip. I decided, I'd rather faint here than people seeing me drink from a baby bottle bwehehehee. After a while, Cookie and my Sister finally decided to buy some drinks and at last just when I was about to lose hope ahhhhh Pepsiiiii. After a few more minutes it was my turn on the cashier at long last the finish line woohohoo, and then the 4th challenge, sir your total bill is Php++++, HUWAATT!!!! Php++++ wehehehe.

The overall experience was really not bad after all I got to spend time with my family, and not to mention spend a lot wahahaha, also was able to meet a lot of people (although I didn't really now them personally hehehe) and to achieve my ultimate goal that is to get my first pair of CROCS, here is a pic I got from the net. This CROCS is an Islander CROCS previously worth Php 2900, got this for only Php 840 quite the catch huh?

Ow!!! here is another one, hehehe I figured going through that line and traffic its not worth it buy just 1 pair bwahahaha. This is a venture canvas CROCS this was previously worth a whopping Php 3700, got this for only woooohooo Php 740.
I love my new CROCS and I think my wife and kid also love theres too ;).


Anonymous said...

hi, henry!

those are great finds! worth it na din, di ba? hahaha :)

congrats for braving the mega crocs sale :)



buti nalang hindi ako mahilig sa crocs... i would have gone there and brought several pairs.. sobra mura ha.. a like the brownish pair.. :-)

Henry II said...

hi bjay,

thanks for the tip about this mega event hehehe.


sayang the khaki pair is also good for fridays ;)