Saturday, March 21, 2009


I was one o the lucky few who got invited in this Photo Session "Natural Lighting and Food & Portrait Photography" conducted by Master Mike Mariano. The event was sponsored by Pixel Pro Inc., they are a retail shop of a wide range of photographic equipments from point and shoots to digital SLRs, you can find Pixel Pro at V-359 3rd Floor, V-Mall Greenhills Shopping Center.

We got treated with a sumptous lunch courtesy of Dencio's, after the lecture we got to try out our newly acquired skills. I got to admit shooting foods freely is a lot more fun :). Here is my take on food phtography.

Two angle shot of a cantaloupe with orange and cherry:

Two shots of Water Melon combo:

A shot of Sizzling Pusit:
The ever healthy CRISPY PATA!!!

Aren't they YUMMY?


(" ,) said...

thank you for coming henry! hope you enjoyed the session! -Diana

Henry II said...

hi diana, thanks for dropping by. I surely enjoyed the session after all it is so seldom that you get to take pictures freely on a restaurant hehehe.