Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Real Sydney Olympic Park

I was fortunate to again visit Sydney Olympic Park. The title says "The Real", its not that the previous post I did was not real but this time its THE Olympic Park where all the games were held back in 2000.

I went here to drop my wife on a Craft Expo, she loves craft specially scrap booking you might want to visit her blog through this link and see how creative she is.

It was a long 3 to 4 hours wait outside THE DOME which is where the Craft Expo took place. So me and little Harvey walked our way around the Olympic Park. Mind you I didn't think we were even close to completely tour around the place. It was hard specially if first you don't know which places you would need to visit and second you don't have a map.

I think Sydney Olympic Park is a great place to visit, you'll see a lot of memories from the 2000 Olympics done here in Sydney. Lots of names engraved here and there. So here are my takes on this nice place.

The ANZ Stadium, if only I was not lazy enough to retake this picture next time making sure the whole name of ANZ Stadium appears this would have been perfect for me.
And yet another angle of the stadium.

Here are some poles near the ANZ Stadium with names engraved in alphabetical order. I'm not sure if these are names of the participants on the games though silly me :).

And yet another angle of the poles.

Here is the Acer Arena, where the concerts are held. From the posters I saw "Smackdown" and "Kelly Clarkson" will be held here.

There is this huge ladder almost taller than the Hotel near it.
A huge fountain, where kids are actually taking a shower. Yes kids do take a dip on fountains be it huge or small they simply think its fun. I'd love to try it sometime.

Here it is when it is turned off.

Some views of the walk.

And a little of nature.Hope you like my pictures. There is still a lot of places here to explore and a lot of pictures yet to be taken by me, so I would definitely come back to this place, next time armed with a basketball, some extra shirts, a bike for my little harvey or may be his scooter will do and most importantly food for a little family picnic.

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