Monday, May 11, 2009

Darling Harbour - Sydney

Wow finally after a week here in Sydney, I got to visit the city. Thanks to Jon and Janice for the tour. I started my journey from the Hornsby train station to Wollstonecraft Station where Jon picked me up.

After dropping by their house we went to Sydney CBD, and then walked our way around to the Market City, Darling Harbour and our last stop QVB (Queen Victoria Building). Touring the city is quite a walk; after a week stay at home I guess my feet were new again to walking long distances.

I tried walking from Net Square Taguig to our House in Pasay after office; the walk has ok but the pollution no way. That is why it’s just a one time deal.

Anyway, back to the story line. Darling harbour had lots of ships from sails, to sub and even old ships you'll see it in the slide below. They also have a lot of tourists because this is one of the tourist stops.

We ate at Market City; this is like our Tutuban Center or Greenhills. There are lots of cheap souvenir items, winter clothes, shades and so on. I got to comeback here sometime hehehe. I can't wait to bring Cookie and Harvey to this place.

Now, in QVB the architecture design is really old and very well maintained. They have Italian shops inside and if I may say the high end shops you get to see in G5.


The Fort Blogger said...

Nice shots Bro. Keep it up. Para hindi kami maligaw pag sunod namin dyan.

Anonymous said...

very cool shots you have taken..i like your photography man..

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