Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mr Tepan in Westfield - Hornsby

Yesterday was my first time to eat out of the house. We went to a nearby mall "Westfield" in Hornsby; it was so close you can walk to the mall from where I'm currently staying here in Australia.

Nat, Maku and I went to the food court and we passed through all the food shops. Being a newbie I decided I'll just follow where ever Nat decides to eat hehehe.

He chose to eat at this new store Mr. Tepan. The food there is just like the Mongolian BBQ back in the Philippines, there is a twist you first choose which combo you would want Chicken, Beef, Pork, and Vegetable and so on; To be safe I chose Vegetable after seeing the brocolli on the picture on the menu. Another thing is you get to choose the sauce there is Cream, Tomato and some others; To be safe again I chose Tomato hehehe.

The meal cost around AUD 6.90 and I ordered a bottle of Mineral water costing AUD 2.90. You might want to recheck the price hehe I don't think I got it right.

After ordering they gave us this black plate, wow high tech if your order is ready this black plate will vibrate and its time for you to pick it up. How ignorant can you be mate hehe.

So here are the pictures of the food, not so good after taking up the photography class. It’s really hard to take a picture of a food you’re already dying to eat so you'll need to take a picture immediately without the proper settings hehehe. Enjoy!!! I'm sure I did yum yum.

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The Fort Blogger said...

Wow, sarap nyan. It's a PHP 350 meal. Musta na ang job hunting.