Sunday, November 23, 2008

All Souls Day @ Loyola Memorial Park Marikina

Last November 2nd, we went to visit my wifes lolo in Loyola Memorial Park Marikina.
Here are some photos taken by Cookie.
Harvey with his kuya JO, striking a pose:

I shot this photo of our dog, Cheska:

And then as the day had gone, we played with the camera and was able to shoot some night shots, here is a shot from Cookie that turned to be like little christmas trees:

And some moon and candle shots taken by myself,

Hope you like the pictures, I'm still trying to learn photography and am not sure how to improve my shots. But hey I think we were able to shoot some great shots :)

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Nita Ang said...

You betcha these are some great shots. For a natural like you, you sure are one humble guy :)