Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There was this one time in RACKS Magallanes!!!!

I just have to post this picture of Harvey,this was taken when we ate at Racks Magallanes.

We had the classic baby back ribs, which was really soooo tasty. The meat was so soft, damn I did not realize I even ate the ribs itself.

That was when I realize I was eating a powderly like substance, and bhaaaam it stuck me it was the RIBS!!!. That's how they cook it even the ribs turn out so soft and edible.

As for Harvey we ordered him Fish and Fries. With the big servings, we had to take home the left over.

Harvey, was busy eating and coloring but as usual when its picture time you can always count on a huge smile and celebrity like pose.

I had to do some editing to put some effect hope you like it.

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