Saturday, November 29, 2008


Last friday bloggers were treated to yet another wonderful event sponsored by
Fully Booked in partnership with Yehey. We were given the chance to tour the 5 storey building, which included a coffee shop:

, a basement full of comics (hehehe my favorite spot) and a mini theater which can accomodate 50 pax they call it U-View.

Aside from the books and magazines you could also buy the latest CDs, and you can listen to it before you buy a copy.

Finally, what's a blog event without good food. Hizon's catering, prepared the feast for the bloggers


My Thoughts...Exactly said...

Hi there! Thanks for coming to the Fully Booked Bloggers event. Bloggers Book Club (BBC) members are exclusively invited to join the Book Geek Competition this January.

Please check the link for details.

Would appreciate it if you could help spread the word to other members. Thanks! Hope to see you there! :-)

Henry II said...

hey sorry I missed the event, I was just checking my blog for the first time this year haha. thanks for the invitation hopefully I could come next time :)

Nita Ang said...

Man-o-man, kung gutom ako kanina sa Coffee Beans shots mo, I am going crazy NOW! Salivating shots (hmnnn... does that sound obscene? Pwes, excuse me at nasisiraan na ako nang bait sa gutom dito). Like those play with linear shapes sa shots mo sa Fully Booked... kewl :D