Monday, November 17, 2008

What a better way to start a blog than to introduce my family...

Meet my family, my wife Cookie and little boy Harvey.

My wife is a scrapper she even have her own blog which you can visit through this link, you'll see how creative she is with all page and designs she has created (I had some fair share on those, wahehehe just kidding).

And, as you can see my son Harvey. You can't even see the eyes but this is what we call "ALL OUT" smile. Smiling lips and eyes. He is growing up to be an entertainer (hehe) loves to dance and act. And as the Madagascar movie goes he likes to "MOVE IT MOVE IT".

As for me I'm the one taking the photo, I'm trying hard to be a photographer, as in trying hard haha I've been to Basic Photography classes twice already but still trying.

Well, there is this old saying "TRY AND TRY", and try and try until you realize that is what life has to offer....

This photo was taken on a church somewhere in Cavite (hehe I forgot the name).

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Duke Ward said...

Nice, welcome to the club. See you on your first event this coming 11/19/2008 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at High Street 7pm